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Medtronic Opened Office and Training & Education Center in Astana, Kazakhstan

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Opened Office and Training & Education Center in Astana, Kazakhstan

On  April  9,  2013  the  Representative  Office  of Medtronic  B.V.  in  the  Republic  of  Kazakhstan  held  the official  opening  ceremony  of  its  office  and  training  and education center (T&E Center) in Astana.

The Opening  started  by  the  press-conference  with participation  of       Slobodan  Radumilo,   Vice-President, Medtronic   Central    and   East    Europe, Gulzhakhan Shamshatova, Head of Medtronic Representative Office in Central Asia and Azerbaijan, Marat Aripov M. D., Head of the   Interventional   Cardiology   Department,   National   Research   Cardiac   Surgery   Center,   and   Leila Zhubandykova, President of the Diabetes Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

After  the  press-conference  media  got  an  opportunity  to  see  the  T&E  center  where  Dr.  Aripov demonstrated use of simulator for training of interventional cardiologists. The   official   opening   ceremony   was   widely   covered   by   the   media.   On   the   following   link (http://bnews.kz/ru/news/post/132635/) one of the internet publications can be found.

Moreover,   Medtronic   Representative   Office   in Kazakhstan organized opening ceremony of the office and T&E   Centre  in  Astana  for  the  heads  of  the  leading cardiology clinics of the country.  As a part of the ceremony Mr. Slobodan Radumilo made a presentation on the history of  Medtronic  development  on  the  global  level.  And  Dr. Sabine Brueckner, Director Academia and Medical Affairs, Medtronic  CEE,   introduced  educational  programs  and company strategy on  specialists training. After that, Cath Lab and Hospital Solution cabinet were demonstrated.

The participants of the opening ceremony and the heads of the   country  leading  clinics,  in  particular,  noted  high professional   approach   that  Medtronic  demonstrates   in training physicians in introducing modern and innovative technologies and wished further success.

International Arrythmology Symposium in Astana

On April 10-11, 2013 for the first time in Kazakhstan the International Symposium “On Actual Problems of Interventional Arrhythmology”, the area of cardiology, which is rapidly developing in XXI century in line with the development of innovative medical technologies, was held. The studies conducted in Kazakhstan during last decade showed that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan has increased from

1989 by almost 10 times, and by 2008 it reached more than 1,200 cases per 100,000 population. In fact, we may already talk about the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases, which is typical for most countries of the world. And, in spite of the  obvious achievements of the national cardiology in recent years, mortality from this group of diseases remains high, and reached the level of 251.9 per 100,000 population in 2012. The problem of treatment of chronic heart failure and atrial fibrillation is also crucial.

Arrhythmology  in  Kazakhstan  has  made  a  great  step  forward  in  recent  years.  Thus,  pacemakers implantation rate in the Republic of Kazakhstan increased from 24 per 1 million in 2008 to 70 per 1 million in 2012, the number of centres performing implantations has increased more than 4 times: as of January 2013 in Kazakhstan  there  are  22  hospitals  implant  devices  for  treatment  of  cardiac  rhythm  disorders.  During implementation of the state program “On development of cardiology and cardiac surgery in Kazakhstan in 2007-2009” adopted by the government by the task of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, new  cardiac  surgery  centres  have  been  opened  in  Astana,  Aktobe  and  Karaganda,  cardiology  centers  with arrhythmology departments and Cathlabs in Almaty and Shymkent.

Historically,   this   is   the   fourth   Symposium,   that Medtronic   Academia   Central   and   Eastern   Europe   is organizing  in  collaboration  with  the  leading  clinics  from different countries.  Previous Symposiums  were held in the period of 2009 to 2012 in Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, and now, in 2013 in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana city.  It was the  first   time  when  master-classes  within  the  Symposium programme were delivered simultaneously on the basis of two leading  Kazakhstan  clinics:  the  National  Scientific Medical Centre  (Astana) and the National Research Cardiac Surgery Centre (Astana).

More than 190 doctors attended the Symposium, including physicians  from  all  regions  of  Kazakhstan,  and  also  from  other countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. As part of the Symposium a  plenary  session  and  four  master-classes  with  live transmission of CRT-D and dual-chamber ICD implantations were conducted. Delivered practical sessions were dedicated to programming of the patients with ICD, CRT, and Echooptimization in patients with CRT.

Leading international experts delivered to physicians a series of lectures  on  the  most  actual  problems  of  interventional  methods  of treatment of chronic heart failure and prevention of sudden cardiac death.  Special  attention  was  paid  to  the  modern  possibilities and perspectives of atrial fibrillation treatment, diagnosing of syncope and sudden cardiac death.

On first day of Symposium Medtronic Representative Office in Central Asia and Azerbaijan arranged the exhibition where all therapies currently introduced in the region were widely presented.

As the Symposium participants noted, implementation of innovative medical technologies requires from physician constant acquisition of new information and quick implementation of knowledge into clinical practice. In this context, such training events as this Symposium, dedicated to the actual problems of arrhythmology, has  a particular importance, as give to physicians an opportunity not only improve their skills, but also to share experience with colleagues from other countries.


Implementation of Endovascular Therapy in Kazakhstan

The aortic aneurysm is a disease with low symptomatic presentation and is among the top ten common causes of deaths in the adult population. Annually 800,000 aortic aneurysm cases are diagnosed worldwide. Of these, 600 000  (75%)  cases are abdominal aortic aneurysms and 200 000 (25%) cases are thoracic aortic aneurysms.

In 1969 Dotter proposed the concept of endovascular treatment and the first successful endovascular intervention was performed by Parodi in 1990. This methodology significantly reduced surgical mortality and improved prognosis for these patients. Endovascular intervention in treatment of the aneurysms of the descending thoracic aortic  provides reduction of mortality from 11.7% to 2.1%, and in treatment of the abdominal aorta aneurysms - from 4.7% to 1.7%. In addition, the risk of systemic complications and hospital costs are significantly reduced as well.

However, despite the obvious advantages, this therapy is not widely used yet. One of the main factors preventing development of endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms is, on the one hand, lack of a screening program aimed at revealing of such patients, and on the other hand, low awareness on the availability of this type of treatment and its high technological complexity that requires special training of physicians. During introducing new  therapies  in  daily  medical  practice  Medtronic  pays  great  attention  to  training  of  the  specialists  on appropriate performing of stentgrafts implantations, in order to ensure patient safety and develop surgeon’s self- confidence in performing implantation procedure. Medtronic has rich experience in various levels of educational programs, including training both proctors as well as implanters. Availability of such physicians in the country will improve access of the patients with aortic aneurysms to the highly specialized methods of treatment.

Since   2009   Medtronic   has   supported   9   master-classes   in different   clinics   of   Astana,   in   the   National   Research   Centre   of Surgery named  after  A.N.Syzganov,  Almaty,  and  Regional  Cardiac Surgery   Centre,  Karaganda.  Professor  Alexander  Belenky,  head  of vascular radiology department in Rabin Medical Centre (Israel), as one of the  leading experts in this area, was a proctor on those training sessions.

The goal of these master-classes is further development of endovascular therapy in the country and at the same time to train a certified specialist, who must pass all the required levels of training. In collaboration with the Republican Scientific  Centre for Emergency Care Dr. Viktor Zemlyanskiy, interventional radiology surgeon, attended specially organized training program and became the first specialist in Kazakhstan who received in April 2013 permission for implantation of Medtronic thoracic and abdominal stentgrafts. At the first stage of training, Dr.  Zemlyanskiy  acted  as  an  assistant  of  the  Prof.  Belenky  in  all  surgical  interventions  during  the  above mentioned  master-classes and then passed one-month   clinical internship under Prof. Belenky   supervision in Rabin Medical Centre (Israel).

As Viktor  Zemlyanskiy  has  noted:  “In  the  relatively  short period of time - since September 2010 - the interventional treatment of patients with aortic aneurysm got a substantial development in our country.  Thanks  to  the  contribution  of  such  experts  as  Prof.  A. Belenky, we get an invaluable opportunity to learn and implement modern  minimally invasive technologies in our clinical practice. Of course,  we are at the very beginning of the process now. There are still  a  lot  of   interesting  and  challenging  stages  on  for  further development of both interventional radiology, and endovascular

therapy, in particular. Also there is a lot of work ahead on the improving the care of the patients with recent aortic rupture that certainly will help to save many lives”.

The 4th Congress of Surgeons of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the National Research Centre of Surgery named  after  A.N.  Syzganov,  on  April  15-19,  2013  (http://www.nnch.kz/ru/). More than 500 physicians participated in the Congress, among them - leading specialist from Europe, Israel,  South Korea, Turkey, Japan and the former Soviet Union countries, including surgeons from all over Kazakhstan. Over 20 unique surgical procedures were performed during those four days. Within the framework of that  congress  the  contribution  of Prof.  Alexander  Belenky  in  development  of  endovascular  therapy  was highlighted and he was awarded the title “Honorary Professor of the National Research Centre of Surgery named after A.N.Syzganov”.

Next step in the development of endovascular therapy in Kazakhstan includes the activities aimed at improving the revealing of patients with aortic aneurysms. In this regard, the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center plans to launch a pilot project on screening patients with aortic aneurysms, which will contribute to the development of endovascular therapy in Kazakhstan and promote patient access to this method of treatment.

Training Courses of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) in Astana

JSC  “Republican  Research  Center  of  Neurosurgery” (RRCN) and the Kazakh Association of Neurosurgeons organized educational courses of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) in Astana on May 23-25, 2013. It was the first time when such level event was held in the CIS countries. The initiator of organising these courses in Astana – RRCN- is the leading medical institution in the country, where unique neurosurgical operations are performed. The Centre includes 7 clinical and 11para-clinical departments. 93 physicians and 196 nurses work in the clinic. One of   the   main   priorities   of   the centre is to continuously improve the professional level of its staff (http://neuroclinic.kz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=49&Itemid=54).

EANS courses are traditionally held in Europe for many years. The main purpose of this educational initiative is to provide specialist with the most modern information on the methods of diagnosing and treatment of neurosurgical  diseases. During the course on lectures and discussions highly qualified European specialists in neurosurgery share their  experience and help the participants to find the optimal solution in specific clinical situations.

Medtronic Representative Office in Central Asia and Azerbaijan is glad for the opportunity to support this initiative,  as the general sponsor, and to contribute to professional education of neurosurgeons. As part of this event Medtronic organized an exhibition, where widely presented information on surgical technologies, spinal and neuromodulation therapies.

During  EANS course the leading neurosurgeons from different countries such as Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Japan presented lectures on innovative treatment of wide range of neurosurgical diseases, in particular in neuro-oncology, functional neurosurgery  and neurotrauma   areas (http://www.astana.kz/ru/modules/material/1091).  Organization  of  such  training  courses  in  Astana  gives  the opportunity to present on the international level the achievements of Kazakhstan specialists, to share experience with foreign colleagues, to start new joint projects and strengthen collaboration in clinical and scientific areas.


The III Congress of Therapists and the V Congress of Cardiologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan were held in Almaty

On June 5 -7, 2013 in Almaty the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Association of Therapists, the Association of Cardiologists of Kazakhstan and the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases  organized the III Congress of Therapists and V Congress of Cardiologists. Nearly 1,500 specialist attended the event from all regions of the country, including guests from 16 foreign countries.

The main goal of the forum is improvement of internists and cardiologists professional level, sharing experience with national and foreign experts, introduction of innovative technologies in the prevention, diagnosing and treatment of common internal diseases (http://bnews.kz/ru/news/post/143041).

The Congress started with “Ak Zhurek” award ceremony. This Award  was  nominated  by  the  Association  of  Cardiologists  of  the Republic of Kazakhstan. Dr. Sabine Brueckner, Director Academia and Medical Affairs, Medtronic Central and Eastern Europe, was awarded the special “Ak Zhurek” diploma for contribution to the development of the  cardiology  in  Kazakhstan.  By  this  the  National  Association  of Cardiologists  wanted  to  emphasize  the  important  role  of  Medtronic educational programs and personal contribution of  Dr. S. Brueckner in training of specialist in Kazakhstan.

Medtronic  Representative  Office  in  Central  Asia  and Azerbaijan contributed to organization of several workshops at the congress. In the diabetes master-class such topic as insulin pumps therapy in diabetes treatment and blood glucose monitoring for therapy optimization  were  discussed.  More  than  70  physicians attended the endocrinology section. Dr. Vera Doniche, the speaker from Slovakia, shared experience in pump therapy use, and role of glucose   monitoring  systems  in  diabetes  care,  and  presented possibilities of using of the new sensor - Enlite. Also, the results of the state project on  insulin pump therapy in our country were presented.

More  than  40  doctors  participated  in  the  hypertension  section. Presentations  made  by  Prof.  V.A.  Sulimov  (MSMU named  after  I.M. Sechenov, Moscow) and Prof. M.A. Aripov (NRCSC, Astana) attracted high interest. They covered clinical evidences and criteria for patients selection with   the   resistant  hypertension  for  renal  denervation,  which  is  very important in the work of cardiologists, internists and family physicians. Dr. M.A. Aripov  showed  one-year follow-up results of patients who had this procedure in the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center.

In the arrhythmology section experts from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, and from Kazakhstan leading hospitals shared their  experience in current issues of interventional treatment of heart  rhythm  disorders.  More  than  100  physicians:  internist, cardiologists,  family physicians  participated  in  the  workshop. Discussion of such important topics as diagnosing and treatment of  atrial  fibrillation,  different  aspects  of  the  management  of patients with implanted devices, and others were conducted with consideration of the peculiarities of work of the above mentioned specialties.




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