Give life to the people doomed to death

14 of May  2015 As part of the project "Development of organ donation and transplantation in Kazakhstan", JSC "National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center in cooperation with the NGO" Nurly Kogam" and the establishment of "National Coordinating Centre for Transplantation" held a training seminar "Organizational and legal aspects of organ donation" on the basis of City Hospital № 1 of Astana.

The seminar was attended by experts from city and national medical organizations - policy makers, anesthetists, neurologists, nephrologists, pathologists, psychologists, lawyers and others.

In accordance with international practice, it is widely practiced lifelong learning practical health care professionals on organ donation and transplantation for the development of programs of organ donation and transplantation in developed countries.

Specificity of transplantation as a multidisciplinary health care industry requires effective collaboration and integration of doctors of all specialties, especially specialists in intensive care and the transplant.

In this context, great importance is given to the organization of transplantation coordination service as a regulatory link in the technology bundle "ICU - transplant center."

At present, there were introduced the post of the regional transplant coordinators in the major regional hospitals in every region of the Republic. Their functions include the organization of work for the development of organ donation and transplantation, and above all - it is the timely detection of patients with irreversible brain death and informing the transplant centers.

To date, the level of health of Kazakhstan population enables us to provide high-tech services in the profile "organ and tissue transplantation". The state fully finances the costs of organ transplants and the subsequent rehabilitation of the recipients.

Centers and clinics performing transplants of organs and tissues have specialized in the cities of Astana and Almaty, as well as in some major regional centers. Highly qualified professionals involved in the transplants of organs and tissues, studied in the famous clinics in the world.

The number of transplants performed organ donors, including those from patients with irreversible loss of brain grows every year.

At the same time, the availability of operations for patients with terminal failure of vital organs is still very low, primarily because of the critical shortage of donor organs, as well as insufficient knowledge and skills of professionals and low public awareness on this issue.

We must not forget that due to transplantation it is possible to prevent the tragedy in many families, and give people a happy life, seemingly doomed to death.

Organ transplant - this is a huge opportunity for our compatriots to return to a normal, healthy life!


Источник: Национальный Научный кардиохирургический центр г. Астана

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